We specialize in accounting, advisory, tax and technology services for small businesses and individuals.


We provide bookkeeping and accounting services utilizing various accounting packages available for off the shelf use. Quickbooks and Freshbooks are utilized by the majority of our clients.

These packages generate financial statements for monitoring business operations and strategizing income tax planning. Payroll services

Advisory and Strategic Planning

We provide advisory services to a variety of clients looking to set up a business or to adjust a current business setup to industry specific formats to enable the use of their respective books and records as a tool for financial success. Advisory services include forensics and investigations, litigation support, management support and regulatory enforcement. Strategic planning includes overall tax and transaction planning for mitigate risk and exposure to the various financial, legal and regulatory matters.


We provide a wide range of business and individual tax planning and preparation services at both the federal state and local jurisdictional levels. Business taxes include corporations, partnerships including LLCs, fiduciaries and not-for profit organizations. Individual taxes includes, individuals, gift and estate tax. We have a partnership with legal counsel for any complex issues arising from today’s challenging business environments as well.

State and local taxes include specialty taxes such as payroll taxes, sales and use taxes, motor vehicle taxes and other regulatory and compliance taxes are inclusive in encompassing services offered.


We provide technology assistance services geared toward cyber security in an ever changing environment. Our partners involve computer technology firms specializing with hardware, software, peripherals and various networking options.

Financial Statements

We provide plain paper, compilation and review service level financial statements. Audited financial statements are prepared utilizing a partnership with a regional accounting firm.


We provide representation at the federal jurisdiction level with the Internal Revenue Service. We also provide representation at the state and local jurisdictional level on a variety of matters.